Ornament - Ceramic

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This product will be personalized as you tell us through picture(s) and or the wording you have entered when you purchase this wonderful personalized product.  You will received a proof, please remember your email. Note Picture(s) are sent email to orders@photogiftsbyss.com. Printed pictures are sent by mail. Email for the address and instructions.

These porcelain ornaments are lighter and stronger than ceramic and come with a hole in the top for hanging. We dye the porcelain the same way we dye our ceramic tile the picture / graphics  are dyed right into the porcelain so you get a rich photo that will stay sharp for years. These ornaments are two sided allowing you to use your creativity to design a true one of a kind. We never charge to add text so you can add a personal message, name, date of message or just go with two pictures. Available in Star, Heart, Snowflake, round cutout or circle.

Note send your picture / JPEG to orders@photogiftsbyss.com and the minimum size file for this product is 1/2 megabytes. Higher is better.  If you have an older printed picture,  send us an email and we will send forwarding instructions.

Note: If possible, we photo restore color(s) at no charge. Also Picture reconstruction (damaged pictures) is priced at $45.00 / hour!