About Us

Our address, emails, and how we got here, our journey!


10302 N. Sidewinder Circle

Florence, AZ 85132 - 9577

Phone/Fax 520 - 868 - 0525


Sue@photogiftsbyss.com / Stu@photogiftsbyss.com

Our Journey:

This all started many years ago when my Dad helped me buy a Kodak camera. Hundreds of pictures later, I had saved up enough money and bought a Minolta 35mm through the lens camera and I was off and going. Later I became and was a member of the Professional Photographers Association of America and my wife took classes in photography. She excelled and together we have in excess of 500,000 pictures, yes many from slides and negatives. In early 2013 we took a trip in the dead of winter to Bryce and Zion canyons. We took over 4,000 pictures and some are really neat. This will continue.

How we got started

One of my great interests is music and we ran a high end stereo store for 25 years (while having a career in data processing). At CES (Consumer Electronics Show) we were introduced to laser engraving and became friends with the sales manager at ULS. We were hooked and we bought our laser and started S&S Laser Designs. Then, it was apparent to us that while laser engraving is awesome, there are many other avenues available in that adventure realm. We added T-Shirts and many other photography gifts always keeping our products in high definition (whenever possible - depends on the source, BTW!)! We added custom Rhinestones and that still is amazing that we can take a customers picture and make a Rhinestone design out of it. Of course, there are lots of Rhinestone products available, we offer a one of a kind, custom, using your picture (or ours). We continued by adding photo blankets and there are now over 500 products that we offer. (More if you find one that we don't currently have.) Then it was time to name our company correctly and Photo Gifts by SS was christened.

Our Simple Commitment

The product(s) that you order will be made in high definition or the best possible with the source we get and the product(s) will be affordable. We want you to be proud of your purchase.

How we make your photo gifts

We dye the material or we laser engrave the material using the highest possible definition to give you a product that is awesome. Please note that almost all major shirt manufacturers use the same exact Dye process to make their shirts that sell in major department stores. We have recently added Direct to Garment or DTG so that we can offer dark color cotton shirts.