Custom Gate Signs

Regular price $135.00

This product will be personalized as you tell us through picture(s) and or the wording you have entered when you purchase this wonderful personalized product.  You will received a proof, please remember your email. Note Picture(s) are sent email to Printed pictures are sent by mail. Email for the address and instructions.

We can custom make your gate and garden signs. We have many materials available for your indoor and outdoor signs needs. For outside we recommend DuraBlack, this is a military grade metal produced to handle the elements and keep your signage and engraving clear and bright.  Contact us for a price quote, the maximum size is 24” x 18”.

Laser Engraved products are priced by the blank used (engraved) plus the laser engraving necessary to make your product(s). So the cost below is the blank or empty Durablack panel cost and the engraving time and shipping will be added to that to get your final investment.

Laser Engraving time is $1.50 / minute. You will only be charged actual costs and shipping is estimated at 5 pounds, but only actual shipping charges and actual laser time will be charged and we will issue a credit or charge as necessary. We will notify you in advance to verify all with you. Thanks!