Ceramic Tiles

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This product will be personalized as you tell us through picture(s) and or the wording you have entered when you purchase this wonderful personalized product.  You will received a proof, please remember your email. Note Picture(s) are sent email to orders@photogiftsbyss.com. Printed pictures are sent by mail. Email for the address and instructions.

We use Quality high gloss tile. These tile are resilient and scratch resistant and give you a perfect photo representation. We dye these tile rather than print on them like some companies do, so our tile is rated as kitchen safe so can be used in a backsplash, trivet, cheese tray or and decorative use. There are so many ways to use these beautiful tile: inset into a jewelry box, trivet in either a wrought iron or wood frame. There are pencil holders, urns, pictures and table tops that all use these beautiful tile.  Use multiple tiles to make a mural. This is a can't do without item.

Note send your picture / JPEG to  orders@photogiftsbyss.com and the minimum size for this product is 1 megabytes. Higher is better.  If you have an older printed picture,  send us an email and we will send forwarding instructions.

Note: If possible, we photo restore at no charge.