Ceramic Mug / Cup / Stein

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This product will be personalized as you tell us through picture(s) and or the wording you have entered when you purchase this wonderful personalized product.  You will received a proof, please remember your email. Note Picture(s) are sent email to orders@photogiftsbyss.com. Printed pictures are sent by mail. Email for the address and instructions.

 We dye your photos, text and drawings into the ceramic itself, so you have a vibrant picture that is going to last. These are great gifts. Give Grandma a mug with a family picture, Put a special kids drawing on one for Worlds Best Grandpa, Give Aunt Sue one with a picture of her dog. There is no end of ideas for decorating these mugs. Available in 11 ounce and 15 ounce and our Stein style is 18 ounce.

Send your picture to orders@photogiftsbyss.com (max size is 3"x8"). Please note, the stein can be 4"x8". Thanks.